10 Day Detox Starts December 11!

First of all, let me wish you an early Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have the most amazing holiday with friends and family.

I love that this time of year is all about giving thanks!

But it’s also all about food.  And if you’ve ever woken up heavier and less in control on Christmas morning than you did on Thanksgiving, you aren’t alone.

That’s why I created the 10 Day Detox program!  Starting December 11, you can regain control of your food, weight, health, and habits.

If you’re thinking or you’ve ever thought…

  • ​I’ll get on it in January
  • I can’t miss out on holiday food
  • When things slow down I’ll change my habits
  • I’ll never be successful at this time of the year

…Or anything beyond or in between…I’ve heard it all and more! And the reality is that these are lies we tell ourselves in order to justify not changing.  But I challenge you today to take back control to get what you want!

During this 10 Day Detox you will:

  • ​Reset your gut and digestive health
  • Lose body fat
  • Massively boost energy
  • Detoxify your GI track and internal organs
  • Increase confidence and your belief in yourself
  • Regain control of your body, cravings, and what you put in your mouth

Andy you’ll probably even save some cash on food so you can spend more on your loved ones. :)​

To really understand what this program is all about and how it’ll change your life, watch this video:

This is an amazing opportunity to change your body and your life, so I hope you will jump on board!  I must have your commitment no later than Monday, December 4 to participate.

10 Day Detox Program Options:

Please note: These products will last beyond the 10 day detox.  You are feeding yourself two meals per day included in the price, so you will end up saving money in the long run! :


You get:


You need protein for bone health, muscle health, and for your neurotransmitters to function properly. Protein is what you’re built on. This protein contains the 9 essential amino acids from vegan sources. It’s processed at low temperatures, so it doesn’t become denatured.  Helps with blood sugar balance, satiation, and is highly absorbable.

Why not whey? Dairy is known to contribute to digestive issues (gas, bloating, constipation, IBS). You need to be extremely conscious of where the cow came from, what it ate, and how it was treated when consuming anything with dairy..  Humans have been eating peas, rice, and cranberries for far longer than dairy, so your body recognizes them and uses them far better than whey.

Also, we are the only species that consumes the milk of another animal…which is pretty gross!

Other drawbacks of dairy: linked to cancer (due to hormones), increases mucus production, which leads to poor nutrient absorption/chronic fatigue. Many people are allergic to dairy without realizing it (even linked to asthma). Linked to IBS, obesity, malabsorption of nutrients, and amino acid and mineral deficiencies



You need the good bacteria found in probiotics!. Digestive Enzymes help us break down and absorb food and play a key role in your immune system. Peppermint and chamomile are also in the Digestion Plus and are soothing forthe GI track.  You need to replenish bacteria daily with probiotics because we lose them every day!


Supports digestive health, regularity, blood glucose levels, and it helps you feel full. This is a huge component to resetting your gut health!





FIZZ STICKS (Deluxe & Premium packages)

This is a great substitute for your coffee, as they contain plant-based alkaline caffeine.  Most caffeine sources we consume – coffee and soda – are acidic.. Too much acid can deplete your body of minerals.  Fizz Sticks taste great and will help you drink more water.  They contain B vitamins, which are depleted under stress and when you eat processed foods.  They also contain chromium for balancing blood sugar, which puts stress on liver and adrenals when it’s out of whack.

Acidic caffeine taxes the adrenal glands, increases cortisol, and in turn, makes us more naturally tired and hungry.


PREMIUM PACKAGE: $251 – This is the best deal by FAR!



This massively supports digestion!  It also helps create alkalinity in the body.  Too much acid can causelethargy/fatigue, obesity, and issues with toxicity build up.  Other consequences

of acidity are that less oxygen will be transported in the blood, premature aging, difficulty controlling blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, greater likelihood of cellular mutations, and much more.



This tea supports your organs of elimination and decreases toxicity build up.  It contains milk thistle to supportyour liver, which is your #1 detoxifying organ, plus peppermint to soothe your GI track, dandelion to support your kidneys and urinary track, fennel for supporting your GI, elder to help with immune system, and walnut to support your immune system and brain.



You’ve heard how important essential fats are!. These omegas support cellular function, skin health, digestion, maintaining lower blood pressure, decreasing inflammation, plus brain, eye, and cognitive health, & more!


In addition to ALL of this, you’re getting a full meal plan for the 10 days, daily coaching, unlimited email/FB access, private support FB group, and more!

Shoot me an email at info@nicolespencercoaching.com to let me know you’re in! 🙂

Don’t forget, you must be completely registered by Monday, December 4 to get in on this round! I’m looking to keep this group to under 15 participants, so don’t delay!  Let’s do this!

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