Having started, run, and sold a brick + mortar fitness studio and an online weight loss coaching business, I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve experienced the moments of joy and accomplishment that bring you to tears in the fitness space… and the lowest moments of wondering where my next client was going to come from.

Since I’ve now personally coached over 200 other fitness professionals, I’ve learned that this story isn’t unique.

We’re in this space because of our deep desires to impact, transform lives, and make the world a better place.

But let’s be real…fitness is NOT the easiest industry to dedicate your life to!

We’re talking split shifts, sometimes low pay, income that depends on how our clients’ lives are going moment to moment, people who seem to need us around the clock…

The good news is that there’s a better way…

I had some pretty wild success when I opened my bootcamp…

I opened it in a small town in southeast Georgia where I had just moved from New York City and didn’t know a soul.

Most of the local people I shared my idea with were pretty negative…”No one here is really interested in fitness,” they’d say.

In fact, I had a WELLNESS DIRECTOR for a local organization say “If you want to make money, sell BBQ out of your trunk. You’ll do better with that than fitness here.”

Despite the fear and negativity, I pushed forward with my vision that was becoming more powerful by the day.

The result was opening on day one with one member (my neighbor), celebrating 50 clients in my first 90 days and nearly 100 after my first year.

I started generating over $10k/month in my first 6 months and it kept going up from there.

3 short years later, I sold the bootcamp for a six figure profit in order to make some significant life changes and focus full-time on business coaching for other fit pros.

You see, it didn’t take long for me to fall more in love with the BUSINESS side of fitness business than the FITNESS side.

The last year I owned my bootcamp I’d already moved into full-time business coaching for other fit pros around the world. Even though I was only working on my business 5-10 hours a week at that point, it continued to grow.

I saw the financial, time, & location freedom that was possible with entrepreneurship, and I wanted to focus my full attention on getting other fit pros to that place.

Authentic Conversion was born in my years of coaching other fit pros because of the massive gap I saw in the market.

Fitness professionals NEED powerful, deeply connected, emotional content CONSTANTLY in front of their current and future clients if you want to win the game in this market.

They also need a genuine marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on Facebook ads and bait-and-switch offers to consistently bring new people in the door and keep the ones you have.

That’s why I created both my done-for-you content subscription AND my 90 Day Authentic Conversion Marketing Intensive…

…to help you become more authentically connected to your audience so that you can convert more abundantly.

It’s my belief that in business we should focus on what we’re best at. When I was 15 I discovered one of my few innate gifts – writing.

I cultivated that skill over the years, even getting my BA in English. I was a high school English teacher (but not for long because I DID NOT enjoy it)…

But I kept writing and eventually, I found out how much it would grow both of my businesses. In fact, my writing has literally made me hundreds of thousands of dollars at this point…

So, I decided to share the benefit with fit pros who are struggling to create content that connects…or even struggling to just be consistent.

Between providing content services and marketing coaching I’m watching my clients have incredible results…from adding $75k in one year to a business to increasing sales by 54% in one year in another. And, fit pro, it would be my honor to serve you and help you grow.