I didn’t workout for a week and lost 2 pounds

You may be wondering how this is possible, but I assure you it is!

Last week I was down in GA working my full time job during the day and running events most nights and on the weekend.  I could have pressured myself to get up extra early to exercise and stressed myself out while being super tired, but instead, I went into the week planning on NOT exercising aside from walking my dogs on the beach after work and before my events.

So how did I lose weight during this period of inactivity?  It’s simple.  I matched my food intake with my energy expenditure.  This didn’t involve a precise calculation of reduced calories or anything like that.  I simply ate less and stopped eating (in most cases) as soon as I was comfortably full.

While I wasn’t on vacation per se, I also wasn’t at home, which inevitably throws off routine.  You have 100% of the power to continue losing or maintaining weight on vacation.  The comedian Jim Gaffigan says “all vacation is is eating in a place you’ve never been.”  And it’s so true.

So many people plan their trips around where/when/what they’re going to eat.  I’m all for trying new things and indulging on vacation, but in a planned fashion.  Plan ahead of time what you MUST have and skip the maybes.  Plan to stop eating when you’re comfortably full or have only finished half your portion instead of the whole plate. Plan to exercise when time allows.  The only thing I don’t want you to plan is to completely let yourself go on vacation!

Attaining and maintaining a healthy body doesn’t require extremes EVER.  It requires ongoing consciousness, balance, and your willingness to make the right choices, whatever they may be.

The key for me was not stressing over my lack of exercise.  I’m hitting the gym 5-6 times this week and can’t wait.

I’d love to know – how can you approach your summer vacation differently? 🙂


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