Don’t focus on telephone poles

I heard someone talking recently about studies that were done several decades ago when it seemed there were (and still are) an incredible number of accidents and even fatalities from cars running into telephone poles.

For those who survived, many said something like “The last thing I remember seeing was the pole” or “All I could see was the telephone pole.”

Telephone poles are, on average, spaced about 20 meters apart, and they’re really not very big around.

So why have so many cars managed to hit them?

You might also be wondering “why is this interesting” and “what does it have to do with my life?”

The reason cars run into telephone poles is because they are what the driver is focusing on in the moment of the accident.  There’s a lot of space to run off the road in between the poles, but because the driver is focusing on the pole, that’s what they move toward.

This is a simple concept in life that you should consider.

Whatever you give your focus to magnifies.

Focus on the good, and you feel good and more good comes to you.  Focus on fear, doubt, stress, and worry, and guess what you get…

Just like drivers who run into poles, you move toward what you focus on in life.

So, what are your most prevalent thoughts, feelings, and words?

Do they move you toward what you want and who you want to become or further from it?

Do you focus on what you’re grateful for while setting new goals and striving for growth or do you complain and focus on what’s wrong?

This isn’t to say you should be happy and pretend life is perfect.  But rather focus on solutions more than problems.  Speak the words of what you want to manifest rather than complaints.  Focus on the possibilities you can create.

That’s powerful.

But don’t focus on obstacles – those telephone poles.  Move toward what you want with each choice you make every day.

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