EP 128: Why You Must Master Organic Marketing Before Getting Into Paid Ads Part 2!

This episode is a follow-up to one of my earliest episodes, episode 16! I wanted to expand upon and go even more in-depth on why it’s so important to master organic marketing before getting into paid ads. This is something that is more true than ever before, so let’s dive into why that is and what’s so BIG about knowing when (or when not) to enter the world of paid ads.

You will hear some important statistics on the conversion rates when it comes to paid traffic vs. organic traffic. I’ll also share a more detailed and specific blueprint of what your business should look like and what to know about your clients before moving into the paid ads space. You’ll learn how to move toward paid ads and what you need to build on in order to eventually succeed in paid advertising.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why ads are not the best idea for an early-stage business. (1:28)
  • What comes first before paid advertising. (3:22)
  • The role of conversion strategy and why you NEED to understand it. (5:01)
  • The benefits of organic marketing. (6:20)
  • Why building a better understanding of your audience comes first. (10:25)
  • How your organic marketing can be complemented by paid ads. (12:25)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “If you are at an early stage of business, you have no business with paid ads.” – Nicole Spencer
  • “Organic marketing enables you to build that trust and credibility in a really solid and unshakeable way.” – Nicole Spencer
  • “The more you have knowledge of your soulmate clients, the more that will help you when you DO move into paid ads.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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