EP 13: The Dirtiest Word in Coaching

Are you looking for a way to support long-term failure, disempower your clients or stunt your business growth? Probably not. But you may be doing just that by using this one dirty word within your business: accountability. So, today Nicole will be sharing her thoughts on what exactly accountability is and the steps you need to take not only for your own sanity but for the success of your clients too.

Listen in as she explains the downfall of being a people pleaser and how to stop letting those tendencies run your business. You will learn how to create happier, healthier relationships with your clients, how to empower your clients to be self-sufficient and why you are not responsible for others’ decisions. No one can want it, no one can seek it and no one can create it other than you.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The dirtiest word in coaching. (2:43)
  • What accountability should be. (3:29)
  • Why you have to let go of your people-pleasing tendencies. (5:50)
  • How to create stronger relationships with your clients. (8:45)
  • Why you can not be chasing your clients down—they have to do the work themselves. (12:50)
  • How to empower your clients to do the hard work. (18:16)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“When you are disempowering people, you are setting them up for long-term failure.” – Nicole Spencer

“Accountability is a standard that you hold your clients to that is higher than they would ever hold for themselves, but putting the burden of responsibility on them.” – Nicole Spencer

“Accountability comes from one’s own desire to change their life.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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