EP 139: The State & Future of the Online Coaching Industry

Despite the growing interest in coaching, the market is far from saturated. In fact, coaching remains a unique and impactful profession that nothing else can replicate. As a coach, you have the power to change lives, and your influence can create a positive snowball effect. In this episode, Nicole will be discussing the state and future of the online coaching industry.

Listen in as she breaks down the secrets to success in the coaching world, sharing valuable tips on how to navigate the competitive landscape and create meaningful connections with your soul mate clients. You will learn why trust is paramount in this industry and why you can’t go it alone when building a thriving coaching business. Nicole’s expertise and guidance will inspire you to take action and turn your coaching aspirations into a reality.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How coaching can become a continuation of positive impact. (2:30)
  • Why the market is loud right now, but not saturated. (6:00)
  • Why Nicole believes the coaching industry isn’t going away. (8:20)
  • The importance of being fully committed to your business. (12:10)
  • How to choose success. (17:15)
  • What’s required to succeed in online coaching. (19:15)
  • How your energy could be impacting your results. (22:10)
  • The three requirements to make a business work. (25:00)
  • Why so many people don’t make it in the coaching world. (33:45)
  • Why you can’t create a thriving business alone. (42:00)
  • How your decisions are impacting your results. (55:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Don’t believe that external circumstances impact your results.” – Nicole Spencer
  • “Remember that coaching is a trust-based business. Trust is at an all-time low and offers are at an all-time high. We have to find that fine line where we are the person that our soul mate client is coming to.” – Nicole Spencer
  • “You can’t create from a place of disbelief or energetic misalignment.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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