EP 152: Client Interview: How Life Coach Alena Generated $43K in 4 Months in Her Online Coaching Business!

Alena, a seasoned Life Coach, shares her unique journey from mental health therapy to coaching, exploring the impact it has had on her and her clients. In this episode, she shares the creative dynamics coaching introduced to her life, emphasizing the importance of networking and clarity in communication.

Listen in as she explains the role of consistency and trust-building when building your online coaching business. You will learn how Alena navigates the complexities of running a business while raising children, proving that achieving personal and professional fulfillment is indeed within reach.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why Alena felt she needed to make a change in her life. (2:00)
  • How coaching has allowed Alena to build stronger relationships with her clients. (5:00)
  • The importance of networking. (7:15)
  • Why marketing in coaching is different from other industries. (10:00)
  • The importance of staying consistent. (13:50)
  • How Alena stays motivated to run her business while raising children. (18:10)
  • Why it is important to believe in yourself and take the first step. (24:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “With coaching it is a buy-in to you. Your clients want to get to know you as a person.” – Alena
  • “Staying consistent and building up trust in your community is huge.” – Alena
  • “Who we become is such a big part of the success that we create, the impact that we have, and the stories we tell.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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