EP 28: The Truth About the MLM Industry & How to ACTUALLY Make Money In It

Many people have participated in at least one multi-level marketing (MLM) organization during their lifetime. But do these people really make money doing multi-level marketing? What’s the actual likelihood of “network marketing” success? In this episode, Nicole shares her experience with MLM, explaining what she believes you should focus on instead and how you can actually make money today.

Listen in as she describes the reality of MLM organizations and the amount of people who are making a livable wage off of them. You will learn why you should never put your finances in the hands of a business that could change the way they operate overnight. Build something that is substantial and truly yours.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Nicole’s advice for all online coaches. (2:00)
  • The reality of MLM companies. (3:50)
  • How many people are actually making money from MLM organizations. (5:45)
  • Why coaches have a higher success rate selling their own services. (11:45)
  • How coaching provides unlimited opportunities. (15:40)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“99% of people who join an MLM lose money.” – Nicole Spencer

“I believe no one should buy products from someone who is not an expert on that product.” – Nicole Spencer

“Don’t be dazzled by the bonuses.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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