EP 64: 11 Beliefs That Have Gotten Me To Where I Am Today As A Multiple 7-Figure Online Coach

There are things that will waste your time (and quite possibly your money), and then there are things that will really move the needle in your business and make a huge impact on your success trajectory. In this episode, Nicole shares 11 of the beliefs that she not only embodies and believes to be true on a cellular level, but that have also allowed her to get to a successful and thriving 7-figure business.

Listen in as she shares what it means to really step into entrepreneurship, to own the risks that are necessary for growth, and to invest in yourself even when it feels uncomfortable. Nicole also explores the number one mistake that coaches make and how to avoid keeping yourself stuck in the same patterns that lead to burnout and, quite possibly, failure. 

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Never try to do business outside of being mentored. (4:15)
  • Being cheap gets you cheap results. (6:55)
  • Go all in. (9:15)
  • Don’t expect a guarantee. (10:10)
  • Take risks. (11:25)
  • Expect to have a healthy balance of like and dislike in your business. (12:45)
  • Always deliver on the promises you make. (13:55)
  • Understand that there is always a cost to doing business. (15:15)
  • Don’t be deterred from showing up. (16:05)
  • Step into community. (17:00)
  • Believe in yourself. (19:20)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“We get to decide what we are creating in life.” – Nicole Spencer

“My income has always been a reflection of how much I’m willing to invest in myself.” – Nicole Spencer 

“There is no risk without reward.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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