Why we get stuck in life

This is a topic I’ve been confronting a lot lately, both with clients and with myself.  I’ve asked myself: “How is it that someone can WANT something SO BADLY and never achieve it?”​

I have a few thoughts on this…

1. Reliance on motivation – Everyone starts strong (if they start at all).  We can convince ourselves early on that the enthusiastic, energized feeling that got us out of the gate will stick around forever.  If you’ve ever pursued a big goal like a lot of weight loss or a smaller goal like just sticking with going to the gym consistently, you’re no stranger to the quick sense of waning motivation.

I truly believe reliance on motivation is the top reason people fail to achieve big goals.  I wrote an entire article on what you need to do to stay motivated 365 days per year.  Check it out here!

2. Unwillingness to do the hard work – This sounds harsh, but let me explain.  We can all imagine how this applies to fitness and weight loss, but let’s think more along the lines of starting a new business or taking steps to change careers.

The fact of the matter is that creating change in your life is likely going to be more work than what you’re doing right now.  There have been times in my life that I’ve been 100% willing to do what it takes to achieve my goals and other times not so much.  But you’ve got to be willing to do the hard work for a big result.

3. Retreating to the comfort zone.  ​Suddenly this big exciting goal has become a lot of work.  You’re having to do things and have conversations that make you uncomfortable.  We are creatures of habit and comfort and creating big change violates that, so we retreat to our safety net.  Things stay the same and we convince ourselves it’s ok, which leads to…

4. We talk ourselves out of it.  We put things off.  We start on Monday.  We’ll make that crucial phone call tomorrow.  We come up with reasons why we can’t or why it would never work.  We take situations that once excited us about pursuing and turn them into the impossible.  We lose our belief and then retreat further into the comfort zone.  The next time we think about creating change in our lives it becomes harder due to this experience.  We put up barriers to future success without even knowing it.

5. You have to hit your breaking point.  This breaking point is where the pain of staying where you are is greater than all of the above.  When you can no longer imagine yourself living in a situation for one more moment of one more day, that’s when we have the greatest courage to create change.  It’s when we don’t wait until Monday.  It’s when we live and breathe this change on a cellular level.

It’s often the breaking point that leads to the magic.

And even if you’re in the top percentage of people who achieve a big goal, you must continue to take action to sustain the accomplishment.  People who lose weight regain it.  People who start businesses lose them.  Marriage ends in divorce more often than not.

I don’t share this with you to be negative – please know that!  I do it to create awareness because I believe awareness and setting the right expectations are paramount to success.

Nothing I’ve ever done in my life that was worthwhile or that really meant something came easily, and I’d bet you’d say the same.

Last week I shared my 9 steps for getting everything you want out of life.  Grab it here!  These steps will help you overcome the pieces I outlined above.

Oh – and I can’t leave this post with out giving a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Toni W. who was the first person to go through my newest 21 Day Challenge.  In 3 weeks she lost just under 14 pounds by following the nutrition program and walking.  She’s feeling absolutely amazing and like herself again and she’s planning to continue the program until she reaches her goal!  Incredible work, Toni!!

If one of your big goals is weight loss and you are ready to take action and commit to a plan that gives you results, pop your name into the box below, and I will be sure you are the first to get the details as I release the opportunity over the next few days. 🙂

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