What happens when the pain is too great?

CHANGE.  The answer to the question of the blog post title is change…

People desire change all of the time – change of jobs, life situations, weight/physical appearance, health – but it’s truly rare that someone ​actually ​creates the change they desire for their life.

So, why?

Because as humans, we only change for one of two reasons:

1. If the thing we are changing to is ​easier ​than the current situation OR

2. If the pain of the current situation has become too great

When can change be spurred by making things easier?  I’m sure there are many examples but something like technology comes to mind.  Embracing new technology requires change, but we usually know it’s going to make our lives easier.  Or maybe you move for a great new job – that’s certainly a good reason to embrace change!

Starting an exercise program and eating well simply don’t make our lives easier (at least during the process).  When you’ve reached weight loss, fitness, and health goals, life is definitely easier, but until then, committing to the process is certainly harder than not.  That’s why 95% of people who want to lose weight don’t or are unable to keep it off if they do.

So change is often motivated by pain.  When we are in pain, we want to move away from it as quickly as possible.  Maybe it’s the emotional pain of going shopping, hating what you see in the mirror, and crying in the dressing room. Maybe it’s physical pain from excess weight.  Maybe is the painful knowledge that you were diagnosed with diabetes and that if you don’t make the necessary changes, your life will be cut short.  

When I had my fitness studio, I can’t tell you how many times a woman would sit in front of me at our first meeting, a complete stranger, and cry because of the shame, embarrassment, and disappointment she felt due to her weight.  WOW.  Talk about pain.  It was in that moment that I was able to show her that the pain had become too great and that it was time to change.

I know that when I personally made the choices to exercise and eat well, those choices were motivated by the fear of future pain that would I would undoubtedly face if I didn’t change.  Now, I know that when I feel the need for change, though I know it will be challenging, I aim to move toward that discomfort consciously (read about that by clicking here).

Think about the times in your life you’ve made major changes. Were they propelled by ease or pain?  

Oh, and before I let you go, I have an exciting announcement coming on Thursday that is going to allow you (or anyone you know) to change their nutrition in a way that is supported, easy to follow, and produces awesome weight loss results! Stay tuned!

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