Are you a human? You need a coach.

This is a subject I am REALLY passionate about.

As most of my readers know, I’m writing to you from the perspective of a weight loss, nutrition, and fitness coach.​  I also work in business coaching with fitness entrepreneurs.  I’ve owned my own gym, trained hundreds of clients, and I run and coach an online support community.  Before the end of this year, I will also enter the life coaching realm as well.

And I have coaches.  You see, despite being a highly qualified coach myself across multiple areas, I hold a deep belief that everyone needs a coach in their life.

I have a life coach that I speak to 2-3 times a month, and it’s been a powerful investment I’ve made in myself.  I love the personal growth that comes from it.  I also go to a gym where all of the classes are coached.  Could I train myself and pay less? Of course! But as I mentioned, there is tremendous value in being coached.

So what area of life should you look for a coach in?

Anywhere you are struggling, really.  Struggling with weight loss?  Hire a coach. Struggling to make major decisions in life?  Hire a coach.  Struggling to transition careers?  Hire a coach.  Looking to improve athletic performance?  Hire a coach.

Think about it…there are not many people (if any) who reach high levels of success in life without a coach.  It’s too hard to go it alone, to know what to do, to see things in life objectively.

​The number one reason I hear from people for not hiring a coach is cost.

​Here’s the thing…we can’t afford not to.  We need accountability, support, guidance, advice, etc.

How many times have we tried to “do it on our own” and failed?

I’ve been there.  I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I’ve given up.  I’ve stopped believing in myself.  The difference is that when
you’ve got someone to bring you back to reality and pick you back up, life just gets easier and less lonely.  We all need an objective eye on our lives, someone who sees things entirely from an outside perspective.

So, if you have a goal that you want to achieve, stick to for the long run, and you believe investing in yourself is a top priority, hire a coach. 🙂  Go on that journey. Change your life, in whatever aspect you seek change.  You’ll gain more than you ever expected.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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