It only works if you do

There are sooooooo many products out there on the market claiming to magically give you the results you want.  You can hire a personal trainer, take fitness classes, or find a workout regimen online.  You can go on a diet (pick one – any one, seriously).  The question becomes – will this work for me?

And the answer?  YES.

But only if you do.

Let me explain…

1. Products/supplements: There are good ones and there are crappy ones.  Do your research before ever putting these things in your body.  But are they the magic fix? No!  They are a piece of the puzzle that leads to the result we all want – a healthy, vital, lean body.  You can take supplements all day but without the nutrition and exercise to support, you won’t see the physical change.

2. Exercise: In my opinion, this is one of the last pieces of the puzzle when it comes to fat loss.  I LOVE working out!  I’ve owned a gym.  I encourage EVERYONE to do it, but without the right nutrition, stress management, and incorporating basic daily movement into your life, it also won’t lead to the desired result.  When you put those pieces all together – MAGIC seriously happens!

3. Diets: All diets fail.  Period.  What you do has to be sustainable 80% of the time forever.  So when I hear people tell me they’re cutting out x, y, and z food groups, drinking tons of shakes, or even worse, getting injections to support weight loss, I can nearly guarantee the result: weight rebound.

​What I love so much about what I do is that I get to teach people habits for success. I get to show them exactly how to eat for them as an individual to get the results they want and keep them forever.  I get to introduce them to ​effective ​exercise that they fall in love with.  Exercise and nutrition when done right empower, energize, and change lives. 

But here’s the thing: it only works if you do.  Anything worthwhile in life requires putting in the work.  It will always be that way.  You consciously choose health or not in every action you take every day.  

I encourage you to put in the work, even one step at a time.  Live a life you love in a body you’re proud of.  Even after close to a decade of being a “fitness person,” I consciously put in the work.  I get the struggle and totally relate!

Get support, accountability, and coaching if you really want to experience the magic. 😉

PS: If you want to experience exactly what I wrote about above, grab my FREE 5 Day Reset Program!  It’s taught over 150 women how to eat (and love) good food in the right portions, how to exercise in a way that produces results, and how to do something sustainable forever.  *Average weight loss with the reset is 3-5# in 5 days.

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