Love what you do

I fully believe that at least one thing every single day should make you think to yourself “I love what I do!”

Fortunately, I’m usually lucky enough to have a lot of those moments throughout the day.  The past week or so hasn’t disappointed either!  I’ve received a slew of messages like this from ladies participating in my 4 Week Challenge…

How can I not love every day when I know I’m helping such amazing women around the world change their bodies and their lives!?

In the past, I’ve been in positions where I didn’t love what I did.  I dreaded the day each morning upon waking up.  I got the Sunday blues.  It was depressing!  If you’re there right now or you ever have been, I hope this helps…

We have to practice appreciation.  Find the good things – those positive moments that pump you up even a little bit – and focus on those.  When we focus on the stuff that we don’t like or that doesn’t feel good, we invite more of that into our lives.  Law of Attraction, anyone?

Find something to love about every day, in every scenario.  If you hate everything about your job, focus on being grateful for having one.  If you feel miserable when exercising, focus on that awesome feeling afterwards.  If you struggle with making good food choices, celebrate the small wins when you eat a healthy meal.

Point is, we have to love what we do.  Not all the time, but you need to love something about your life and what you do every single day.

Where in your life do you create a gap for your own happiness by focusing on what you dislike?  How can you shift that toward appreciating the good?

Please share with me – I’d love to know! 🙂

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