No matter what

I’m home after an amazing weekend retreat to the Outer Banks with nearly 50 amazing women from my Arbonne family.  We had an awesome time learning, conversing, and adventuring, but the biggest thing that stood out to me was a reaffirmation – that we must set our minds up to persevere no matter what.

I want to break this down because I think this is a massively important scenario that we all experience at some point:

  • ​We identify something that we want to get out of life – can be related to how you want to spend your time, how much money you want to make, where you want to live, career, etc.
  • We (hopefully) give ourselves a goal in terms of timeline, measurable numbers, and then create a plan on how to make it happen.  We’re excited!
  • We do the work and start the process.  ​THIS IS WHERE PEOPLE GET STUCK.  ​So many times in life this is where it stops.  Doing the work that we were once excited about becomes a chore and we stop.  We let go of our dreams.  The pain and discomfort of doing a little bit more or differently becomes greater in the immediate moment than the pain of living a life that never changes.
  • We tell ourselves a story – a story that we’re too busy, that it’s not the right time, that when X situation is different we’ll change.  But those are and always have been lies we tell ourselves, yet we believe them.  We let those lies we innocently tell ourselves and buy into keep us from living a truly extraordinary life.
  • We feel good for a minute, taking the pressure off of ourselves.  But life looks the same a month from now, a year from now, ten years from now.

Reality is that if we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll keep getting what we’re getting.  And if you’re 100% happy in life, then there’s no reason to change.  But if there are things you’d like to see manifest differently, you have to do things differently.  We’ve all watched years go by without change, and it’s heartbreaking to think about what could have been if we set up our minds differently.

That’s why we have to have a NO MATTER WHAT attitude.  That was a common thing amongst the women I shared my weekend with.  They were going to find success and create the life they want to live no matter what.

And when you commit to no matter what, incredible things happen:

  • ​You’re never too busy
  • You don’t look back with regret
  • You believe there’s nothing you can’t do
  • You don’t buy into your stories or excuses
  • You get what you want
  • You motivate and inspire others
  • You get to live a truly extraordinary life

So I challenge you today to think about one thing in your life that you really wanted but let go of for whatever reason.  What’s that thing and what kept you from accomplishing it?  What was the story you told yourself, and how can you re-write that story to make your dream a reality?

I’m here if you need help getting back on track AND to celebrate all the good with you. <3

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