How to stay motivated 365 days a year

Here’s the thing…after working with hundreds of women in fitness and fat loss I’ve heard a lot of things come up repeatedly, but one big thing that stands out is women giving up or failing to get started due to lack of motivation.  And I can relate!  I used to struggle big time with the motivation to get started or stick with it!

I’m very committed to my job, growing my business, my fitness, and the people in my life, so staying motivated to “do it all” can still be a challenge.  But here’s the one thing you need to know to get and stay motivated 24/7 365:

It doesn’t start with motivation.  It starts with ACTION.

When you wait for motivation to strike, you’ll wait for a long time.  And if you rely on willpower for your commitment, you’ll lose.  Willpower is finite and motivation is unreliable.  So what’s the answer?


Seriously, it doesn’t have to be much but do something.

Don’t want to exercise?  Tell yourself you’ll do just five minutes and then stop if you’re not feeling it.  Guess what…chances are you’ll keep going!

Action makes you feel good.  It gives you confidence and creates small wins. Confidence breeds motivation.  Motivation drives action.  And the cycle continues!

But it starts with ACTION not MOTIVATION!

Even with my crazy schedule and significant number of commitments, I am committed to doing at least one thing each day that moves me forward in life, even if it’s reading 10 pages of a book.  But I have to improve every single day – that’s the rule.  And I find the more action I take, the more wins I get, and the greater the reward, therefore, the greater the motivation to continue!

I’d love to hear from you!  How does this resonate?  What’s one thing in your life you’ve been waiting for motivation to get started that you can take some type of action on, no matter how small?

If one goal for you has been getting back into (or into for the first time) exercising but you struggle with fitting it into your schedule, you need to enter your name and email below so I can send you 3 quick home workouts that require no equipment. These workouts range anywhere from 12-20 minutes and are awesome for fat-burning!  Just fill out this form, and I’ll send them your way!

Make it a great, ACTION-FILLED week!

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