Take a chance on YOU

I remember back to when I was thinking about opening a fitness studio.  I had just moved to a new small town in southeast Georgia where I didn’t know anyone from New York City, and it was a terrifying but exciting prospect.  It would cost me every dollar and bit of personal credit I had to do it right, and I didn’t know what I would do with my life if it failed.  There was so much fear and hesitation​, but my desire to change people’s lives and have a significant impact became greater than those fears.

I took a chance on myself.

Once I made up my mind that I was going to move forward on opening my first business, I believed with every part of me that I was going to create something incredible.  Sure, there were still moments of fear, but I believed with every cell in my being that I was going to make it work.  You see…once I got rid of the self doubt, the magic was able to happen.  And it was a truly magical thing – this beautiful studio that touched hundreds of lives.  This is an experience I am still grateful for every day.

But you see…doubt in any area of life will stop you in your tracks.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, start a business, or change your life situation in any way, the moment you let the self-doubt win, you will retreat to your comfort zone.

You’ll see self-doubt creep in in a variety of ways:

  • ​You’ll start making excuses as to why you can’t do something
  • You’ll rationalize why you shouldn’t do something or why things are better the way they are
  • You’ll feel a storm of anxiety inside of yourself, like you’re being pushed and pulled in multiple directions (which usually leads to one of the the two above things happening)
  • You’ll feel regret

I can share all of those things because I’ve been there in one situation or another, but I can tell you, the times I don’t give into any of that stuff are the times I make the most progress in life.  Growth and change are basic human needs, and if we don’t fulfill them, we are regressing.

I know I’ve personally been wrestling with a few of the pieces above, which is why I decided to write this today.  So I’m right there with you!

If one thing you’re struggling with is weight loss and you’ve made excuses, said you’ll do it later, or rationalized the reasons you’ve not taken action yet, I really, really want to help.

I had a group of people last month do my newest 21 day challenge, and there wasn’t one person on the program who followed it that didn’t lose at least 10 pounds, or an average of a half a pound per day – which is so amazing!  I also had a lot of requests to participate in the program in August, which is why I am relaunching again this month!

You can read all of the details by clicking here, and if you’re even thinking about taking action, just hit reply and let me know so we can chat. 🙂  I also have a super special deal for the first 3 people to reach out, so don’t wait! 🙂

I hope this message inspires you to do something differently or take a little more action this week, especially when you feel that self doubt start to creep in.  Will you take a chance on yourself?

Make it a great week!


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