Ten minutes that could change your life

In today’s world, humans are busier than ever with family and jobs and all the demands we Americans put on ourselves. Not only that, but we often perceive ourselves to be the center of the universe and expect that everyone else should be sensitive to us and our needs, thoughts, and feelings. One of the best ways you can spend ten minutes this weekend is watching this video for a massive perspective shift that could change your thoughts, feelings, and interactions with others…




It’s human nature to take things personally, but anything that happens outside of you is not about you – even when it seems like it is. Whether you’re fired from a job, rejected by a love interest – whatever it is – it isn’t about you! This isn’t to say we don’t take personal responsibility for ourselves and our behavior, but at the end of the day, the way people perceive you and react to you is their experience, which is completely separate from you. When you know this, you gain the power you need to be able to CHOOSE how you perceive things.


You are not the center of the world. It is not about you.


When you realize this, you are able to flip your default setting from one of business, frustration, stress, judgment, and even anger to one of empathy and deep compassion for others. When someone cuts you off in traffic rather than getting angry, perhaps you entertain the possibility that they are rushing to the hospital to be beside a dying loved one. You entertain the possibility that other people’s behavior has nothing to do with you.


You never know someone else’s story. All you really know is what happens in your own mind. We all create stories in our own minds and assume they are reality. It’s part of being human, but finding awareness around it gives you the power to change your perception.


A friend shared this video with me, and as someone who has lived in the angry bustle of NYC (and still carry some of those anxieties with me), I relate on a deep level, and the message truly resonates.


This is a practice that won’t be perfect and will always be a work in progress, but I am committing to changing my default setting. Are you?


I encourage you to share this video and/or post with others who need to hear this powerful message.

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